How to select stone colored stone metal tile?

How to select stone colored stone metal tile?

colored stone metal tiles is very popular now, and many building owners like to install stone colored metal tile to decorate their houses. Not only the building in new countryside but also the villas in the scenic area, roof tile is very popular. 

Since stone colored stone metal tile is so popular, do you know how to select suitable tiles? What should you pay attention to when you install metal tiles?  

1. Check the base material. The real aluminum-zinc-plated steel plate is not easy to deform randomly.

2. Check the color of colored sand. In order to reduce costs, unscrupulous plants will replace calcined sand with dye sand. For this kind of roof tiles, the color tone of dye sand will change during the first half of the year. Please improve recognition when you are selecting tiles.

3. The adhesive cannot be ignored. For the use of colored stone metal tiles, the natural geographic area is different, and the heat-resistant and temperature-resistant primer and surface adhesive will be used differently.

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