What is the stone coated roofing tiles?

The stone coated roofing tiles has a high-temperature composite roofing material, be made of 3003 aluminum alloy metal plate and modified asphalt base. Stone cotaed roofing tiles and metal composite tiles are widely used in hospitals, schools, hotels, industrial parks, holiday commercial streets, green houses and other buildings with their noble metal decorative effects and excellent waterproof performance.

Pros of Stone Coated Steel Roofing: 

1. Durable: warranty for more than 50 years

2. Wind resistance: resist hurricane 

3. Fire prevention: inflaming retarding 

4. Hail resistance: against hail 

5. Light Weight per Square Meter: the weight per square meter is about 10KG, which is 1/6 of the weight of traditional clay tiles. It can reduce the permanent load of the building;

6. Noble and Elegant Appearance: The noble metal texture and color of copper and titanium zinc cannot be replaced by other traditional roofing materials;

7. Flexibility Design Concept: very suitable for handling special-shaped roofs, such as spheres, slopes, cones, arc roofs, etc.;

8. Flat and Simple Finish: very suitable for the pursuit of geometric figures in modernist architecture;

9. Simple and Quick Installation: 70-80 square meters/2 person per day;

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